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What one wears is generally an external expression of what is within. To those conscious of fashion do’s and don’ts, a humble piece of clothing can be transformed into a work of art ready to spearhead the next generation of trendy attire. Promotional products, t-shirts in particular, often focus more on corporate branding with the display of well-positioned logos above the heart as well as at the sleeves to catch an observant eye. As though those are not sufficient, logos can also take up space at the back of the shirt, either in large form across the back or smaller discrete images just below the neck.

Custom t-shirts have become the rage of modern advertising as many a recipient gladly dons the attire without a further thought. Although one may seen to be advocating certain corporations or causes by displaying their logos, most wearers are not bothered with the implications as the shirts serve the primitive need of covering up their bodies. In the event society is to ever reach a state of being perturbed by the symbols displayed on this casual wear, there will certainly be less of these shirts seen in public. To date, the majority has no quarrel with the many corporations and continues to clad itself in polo and round neck t-shirts.

As one of the most popular of promotional products, t-shirts are well accepted by the masses as they are easy to wear and incorporate with daily wear. Since employees are constantly seeking ways and means of extending the casual Friday concept to casual everyday, allowing staff to come to the office in this form of attire is a logical way out of the gridlock. This ensures employers that employees do not project the incorrect image by choosing shirts with their competitors’ logos or via indecent exposure. In the event of a formal meeting, the staff is expected to revert to the conventional buttoned shirt. As long as expectations are ironed out at the beginning, there is no reason for comfort and ceremony to co-exist.

Whilst it may be sufficient to silkscreen the patterns in the production of custom t-shirts, an alternative technique is via embroidery. In the event the pattern is relatively large, printing images may turn out to be a better option as it is quicker and leaves the surface smooth. Embroidered surfaces tend to generate a slight crinkle. If the sewing covers a wide area, it may result in an uneven facade and affect the overall result.

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