Skyrim – Unobtainable Clothing & Jewelry

In this video I show you Skyrim’s Unobtainable Clothing and Jewelry! Let me know if I left any out! Here are links to my other Skyrim Unique Item Videos: Uni…

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  1. Camelworks Gaming says:

    Hey all you beautiful viewers! We now have a Facebook Page and A Twitter
    account, links are in the description, be sure to like / follow. If you
    have any questions for me post them here and I will answer them in the 10k
    sub video!

  2. Georgi Dimitrov says:

    Dear Camelworks, I know that you will be a great youtuber in the future
    with thousands of subscribers! ( I am one of them :3 ) Keep doing this
    awesome work! I just got back to playing Skyrim because of you my friend!

  3. FudgeMuppet says:

    Great video! Nice to see fellow Australians in the elder scrolls community

  4. luiz alves says:

    man, if those things are unobtainable, how did you obtain them?

  5. Gorillabot3000 says:

    The amulet of bats you showed actually is different. On the vanilla amulet
    of bats, the ability basically says that the bats perk on your vampire lord
    form is enhanced to do more damage. The dawnguard vampire lord amulets that
    were left out of the game seem to imply that rather than unlocking the
    abilities as you proceed through your vampiric playthrough of which you
    could access through the favorites menu, you would equip these amulets and
    rings to change the spells and powers you used in Vampire Lord form. This
    amulet of Bats would have let you use the Bats ability, which is pretty
    much the Vampire Lord version of Whirlwind Sprint.

    Also, if I’m not mistaken, the Amulet of the Elder Council does appear
    ingame, however I don’t believe you can equip it. It appears in the Dark
    Brotherhood questline.

  6. GoldenGamer says:

    You are my favorite and most I
    Unique YouTuber ever! When it comes to skyrim u r amazing! I love your
    skyrim videos so much. :)

  7. Luneistara says:

    +Camelworks Gaming Focusing Gloves I believe can be obtained through a
    quest in the college, then again I could be wrong.

  8. UnplayedGaming says:

    Can you make a nice series where you talk about what you want/ideas for TES
    VI. not many videos out there and they will get a lot of videos.

  9. u can get the focusing gloves in game but u have to retren it back to
    finish the quest 

  10. Cool video, sir!

    Might want to use the UFO camera next time though. Or the Customizable
    Camera mod so you can center the camera on your character.

  11. Thomas Geltzer says:

    the amulet of the elder Council is in the game

  12. ANGER_ISSUES says:

    if you wear nocturnal’s clothes as a male, your body with morph into a
    female shape

  13. 100clickproductions says:

    I love these videos a lot, but I’m pretty sure a fair few of the apparel
    you showed can be bought at radiant rament. Not sure though, so I’m gunna
    go ahead and presume you know what you’re talking about. Thumbs up and
    subscribe :D

  14. What in-game room is that where you record these videos?

  15. the amulet of the elder council u get it in the darkbrotherhod as a first
    half of the payment for killing the emperor 

  16. Adam Paisley says:

    On Xbox, I’ve gotten the green robes with the palm leave design from my

  17. Kaneki Lost His Bagel says:

    pretty sure the amulet of the elder council was part of a dark brotherhood
    quest. Either the imperial guy is wearing it, or he gives it to you to give
    to Astrid. Im not totally sure, but that seems right. Oh and great vids.
    Keep up the good work!

  18. Damian Phillips says:

    love all your vids man. could you tell me where you get your music? or do
    you make it yourself? anyway a link to it would be appreciated :P

  19. Mercenary Chief says:

    What kind of music do you like Camel? 😀 

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