Rules Of Rock: Band T-Shirts

It’s a brand new segment on the Rock it Out! Blog called Rules of Rock. This “class” will teach you how to be a better rock music fan and not look a complete…

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  1. Wear the t-shirts if you listen to the band, not because that shirt looks
    Also don’t preach about Rock ‘n roll when you have Daft Punk on your wall.

  2. LostMatrix says:

    5:28 : what the FUCK is that. are you FUCKING SERIOUS. you asshole. WHY IS
    IT that so many guys have to do this. please stop fangirling over boobs. I
    find that disrespectful and annoying. stop with the whole boob thing. I
    mean if you like boobs you go right ahead and like boobs. But please DO NOT
    just act like we’re a toy or a piece of meat or some shit. Fucking tired of

  3. Kimberly H says:

    Eh… Kinds true… But it really makes me mad when people wear the shirt,
    and yet… they’re like “Uhm… Who are they?” Like… why wear the
    shirt… C’mon… At least remember the TITLE of the band if you’re wearing
    their shirt… ): 

  4. LostMatrix says:

    This made me feel really insecure about myself to be honest… 

  5. Really? You have to own 2 albums? I don’t have enough money to buy albums
    nor do I have a way to buy them but that DOUSNT mean I love the bands I
    listen too. Do us all a favor and stfu

  6. jajaherself says:

    even though I don’t think I’ve ever “disobeyed” any of these rules I think
    the only thing that really matters is whether you actually listen to/like
    that band. If I see someone wear a Nirvana shirt, 90% of the time I can be
    sure that person only knows Smells Like Teen Spirit (at most) and that does
    get on my nerves, or when people compliment me on my t-shirts because their
    favourite boyband member likes that band. But apart from this, there should
    be no “rules” to wearing band t-shirts and people should decide for
    themselves whether they like to wear their (e.g.) Pixies shirt to a Pixies
    concert. I personally don’t like doing that but I also don’t have a problem
    with people who do.
    (on another note, the Sex Pistols don’t even have 2 studio albums that one
    could own, does that mean no one’s allowed to wear their shirts?)

  7. Tactical Scout says:

    The ONLY rule is that you have to enjoy and know at least some of their
    apart from that wear whatever the hell you like and whenever you like.
    This guy is an asshole, and most likely a poseur himself…

  8. Metalfan since1996 says:

    so the rules are for guys and not for girls some girls are fucking stupid
    with this they wear a Nirvana t shirt they like 1direction and they dont
    even fucking know who Kurt Cobain was oh and the ones who wear a band t
    shirt as a fucking crop top because they think it looks ´´cute´´ FUCK THAT
    SHIT girls need to also be made fun of for their ignorance oh and so you
    say a guy who loves rock music cant wear band shirts everyday but a girl
    who just wears the shirts for the looks is allowed to wear the shirts
    everyday GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ignorance doesnt make acceptions so if a
    girl does that then theyre still ignorant and need to be told that also
    the boobs in a way help promote the bands if there is a Chevelle t shirt
    with the logo laying on the boobs then that will make every rock fan that
    likes boobs want to check out the band and a girl cant control the boob
    size unless of course they had surgery on their breasts oh and girls also
    need to be told off on their ignorance like this one girl she wore a
    Nightwish (symphonic metal band) t shirt she doesnt know shit about them
    the only album she was able to name was Imaginaerum which is their latest
    and the only person in the band that she was able to name was Tarja who is
    a former member she didnt even know that she was replaced with another
    singer oh and this other girl who wears trendy stuff like fucking crop tops
    and shit also wears a Ramones t shirt she doesnt even know why theres
    peoples names on the shirt doesnt know most of them are dead guess what she
    cant even name a song not even I wanna be Sedated oh and she listend to
    1direction so do you really think she deserves to wear it NO

  9. Squid Tjorven says:

    I can’t remember the song titles ._. :D

  10. Isabelle O'Halloran says:

    Seriously the only rule I agree with is 2 other than that it’s all crap, if
    you go to a gig almost everyone wears a shirt with the logo of the band
    that is playing, tbh it’s respectful! If I found a vintage band shirt of a
    band that I like in a thrift store I would buy it (I think most people
    would) and the first rule is absolute crapola.

  11. BDSaintsGirl93 says:

    So just because I don’t own two albums from Nirvana or Panic at the Disco,
    or Muse that means I can’t wear a band tee? That makes no damn sense

  12. Alexa Drake says:

    hey, what about just wearing the shirt because you like the shirt. lets not
    be uppity music snobs to everyone. 

  13. SolidShark100 says:

    People must have watched this video because when I was wearing a Led
    Zeppelin t-shirt they started asking me questions and that. 

  14. zackary blank says:


  15. Pepe Le Puke ! says:

    i only own band shirts

  16. Marama Noble says:

    So basically what he’s trying to say is don’t by the shirt if your not a
    fan or you don’t know any of there songs!! Good enough

  17. Razer Rogue says:

    That picture of jimmy… oh my fucking god you’re bringing back the

  18. SolidShark100 says:

    Messed up. So because I only have 1 pink Floyd album I can’t wear my
    t-shirt. I don’t think so. 

  19. Ang5ty Comments says:

    All of my shirts are band shirts, some times they get covered up with a
    sweater, but yeah I’m no middle aged man behind a record store counter
    lolz, and true thing about the 3 song rule you forgot to mention nirvana
    because people are starting to do that way to much

  20. this is so pathetic…How to make sure you don’t look like the poseur you
    actually are..haha all this said by the guy who’s holding a drum stick cuz
    ”he knows about bands”!!

    Note 2 self: stop watching random youtube videos and getta life!!!

  21. So just because I saw a vintage tour shirt for sale doesn’t mean I can’t
    buy it or wear it because I wasn’t there? I’ll have you know I have plenty
    of vintage tour t-shirts, and when I’m in public I get compliments for
    wearing them, and I get asked where I bought them. Plus, the Zeppelin US
    Tour of 77 shirt is the most common and popular Zeppelin shirt to date so
    that last rule is bullshit.

  22. TheStarlord says:

    I love this 

  23. Dismemberment Plan + The Promise Ring = Maritime

  24. this is the best song i have ever heard in my life

  25. NextLights Munkey says:

    No comments for an awesome song?? You people are idiots!

  26. José Cedeño says:

    exelente cancion 

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