How to Buy Own Design Tees in India

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If you are a t-shirt enthusiast then you must be tired of wearing the old & traditional ready made t-shirts available in the market. Are you willing to do something different? will provide you with some of the ideas applying which you can create your own design & personalize it according to your own wish. These kinds of tees are called as customized t-shirts & from color to the graphics along with prints & fabrics; everything is chosen by none but you. This will give you the opportunity to extract the fashion designer in you & you can easily indulge in creating your own design & creation. You can personalize these tees in many ways. Like for example if you want to print your own picture on them or have something written on them, it will be done. Customizing tees was never such an easy task in India before. Just visit the website of & check out the various options by which you can buy customary designed tees online in a very easy way. It is very cheap along with effective & convenient. You will get the product sitting back in your home. will provide you with the best ideas with which you can generate exclusive & unique designs. Some of the ideas are as follows:

When it comes to the contents of the texts you can put slogans, names etc. They can be typed in one or more lines depending upon the size & texture of the tee on which you are working upon. Make it sure that the size of the letters should be of One inch since it is very important that it must be readable. As far as the text length is being concerned please do not use more than three or four lines of the same. Make a gaping of eight to ten inch between each line for giving the tee a very neat & tidy look. The best color on which it will look fine is white. It will make the prints & writing clearly visible. Ensure that the quality of the artwork is admirable (300 dpi) as this will make sure high quality reproduction. Define a print area of reasonable size; a t-shirt covered completely in prints may not be ideal. Optimum print area would be about 10 inch by 10 inch maximum on the body of the t-shirt. High quality (300 DPI) photos, caricatures; cartoons, etc are great for printing. Lower DPIs can be used but the quality will be compromised a little bit.

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