Graphic T Shirt Five Ways | The Fashion Statement with Amy Pham

See what’s next on Maker.TV ▻ See how I take one graphic tee and style it into five different outfits! Xx Amy…

WET SEAL: Jean Jacket:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to “Graphic T Shirt Five Ways | The Fashion Statement with Amy Pham”

  1. Maria Garcia says:

    I do love your platinum hair… but I kinda miss the dark hair. Am i the
    only one?

  2. Cat Coule says:

    love this! favorite is the tee to tea, because she’s right – it enables you
    to wear a fancier skirt and totally get away with it 

  3. Priscila Eraso says:

    i loved her hair this way :(

  4. Mayeli Vidal says:

    Is this video old? Black hair? 

  5. nailove2807 says:

    Amy rocks both, blonde and black hair <3 love all the outfits!

  6. Pamela Valdez says:

    Wasn’t she platinum blonde and had short hair? Or is this an old video?

  7. ArtichokeHunter says:

    PATTI. I want all of these outfits.

  8. tinygirlbigdreams says:

    Omg yay you’re gonna be at comic con! Hoping to run into you there! :)

  9. The Platform says:

    One Piece Five Ways!

  10. LovelyBessy87 says:

    Love all your outfits .. ❤

  11. Cute outfits..<3

  12. MsFreakyMary says:

    thanks for the inspiration amy! i love the midi skirt outfit! last year i
    used to buy so many graphic tees, i think i’m gonna try out some new ways
    to style them 🙂 xoxo

  13. Would it be possible to start putting links to the outfit items in the
    description bar? Thanks!

  14. missyunarte says:

    I like the first outfit 🙂 its really true to my style

  15. helloellenor says:

    Her style is so great, i love her blonde hair so much as well! 

  16. Even though I love her blonde look I just can’t keep thinking that black
    hair also suits her a lot, it has some kind of appeal… 

  17. Makuuplove says:

    I loved the first outfit, on point !!

  18. Ester Davidov says:

    ooo girl yaass!! This is my favorite episode so far! 

  19. Hilarynicolee says:

    the editing is on point. you’re so cute i cry

  20. fizzymacaroon says:

    You are super pretty again 🙂 and this is such a good video, your 1080p is
    crystal clear and the production and how the video was put together was
    really beautiful.

  21. laurensvanityy says:

    loved this!!!!

  22. Beautybabe149 says:

    q t

  23. ThatTeenLifexo ♡ says:

    Lovee the outfits kenzie! Awesome job!! 😉 

  24. perfection!

  25. Maddy Trapp says:

    i was in this video and didnt even try!!!!! ayy lmao

  26. Wanna know how to wear #graphictees ? Check out #vlogger , Kenzie’s
    Styling Graphic Tees | Kenzie Elizabeth
    #fashion #styling #howto #tops #tanks #wetseal 

  27. glittergirlmaya says:


  28. Kendall Lo says:

    That shirt is not cool and I reeally admire you

  29. Karlie Bojorquez says:

    love this video

  30. Madison ♡ says:

    Kenzie, can u stop with all of the perfection?

  31. Emma Louise says:

    who’s singing the cover of all i want in this?

  32. dianamarilynx says:

    What’s the first song?

  33. Dhriti Thakur says:

    Ok. First of all: STOP BEING SO FREAKING PERFECT. Second: I loved this
    video! It really gave me inspiration on what i should wear more to school.
    Thank you! 🙂 <3

  34. PrettyInPearls says:

    Your editing is fabulous! You are so pretty!!

  35. Suede Brooks says:

    i love your videos. oh my god.

  36. Paige Noel says:

    Do you have a sound cloud?! If you don’t you should totally get one bc ur
    music taste rocks

  37. TaylorTalksBeauty21 says:

    what lens do you use? love your vids xx

  38. mizzrudegal . says:

    This was so helpful! Love you Kenzie 🙂 

  39. stylishmacmidget says:

    This is so cute! Your perfect okay 

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