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St Peter’s Basilica
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Simple doodles of some of Rome’s mind-blowing architecture. Gone with the intricate details and marks of perfection! 😛

You can also see some of the street photos from my recent trip to the beautiful city.

You might get tired of wearing the same type and design Tees again and again? There’s no need to compromise your taste anymore! Today there are a number of designs and types of t-shirts you can find. These designs and type of Tees may not necessarily suit your taste, especially if you are among those who do not treat the t-shirts just as an article to wear. The cloths or T-shirt that you wear reflects your style and personality. So, why not get the Tees that suits you well and reflects your personality. If, you are among those who love sports, then nothing can be a better option than the sports T-shirt. T-shirts always look trendy and wearing the sports Tees not only makes you look attractive but also give you the freedom to express your sprit towards sports.

Sports theme Tees are well design and are comfortable. The sports T-Shirts are made from the stretchable fabric, which enables your skin to breathe and facilitates the sweat absorption. There is variety in the type of sports Tees such as Polo T-shirts, round neck sports Tees, v neck sports tees etc. Polo shirt was developed by the French tennis player, when he gets frustrated by the traditional clothing that they used to wear on the court. Later it was adopted by other sportsmen in playing sports like polo and golf. Today, there are dozens of brands and types of polo Tees. The Tees made from smooth and soft cotton or wool with Solid muted colors is dressiest and the patterned polo Tees made from rougher cotton is the most casual. The sports Tees when paired with either classic navy blazer or the sport jacket made of dark solid or semisolid fabric can give someone an attractive sporty look. These Tees comfortable and looks trendy. They can be wear at most of the occasions and time such as, while going out to watch any sports or while hanging around with friends in neighborhood or playing any sports.

There are number of online shops, who offers wide range in the variety of sports Tees and many of them, also offers the customize Tees. The customize Tees gives you the freedom to put any symbol, logo of your favorite sports team, band or an image of your favorite sportsmen on your Tees. If you have an artistic ability or have the ability to write well, why not share your wisdom and ideas with people? About your favorite sportsmen, you can get the image of your favorite sportsmen and let people know about know about them. Trendy sports Tees sets the new fashion statement and can give you the sporty attractive look. The collection of sporty Tees will spiced up the look of your wardrobe.

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