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As visiting cards are made to make you recognized in the society, which shows what we are and what are we working for. Same as your clothing informs about you more that your words and official documents doesn’t. Your clothes are your personal character, which shows about our country and us. Fraternity and sorority is a Greek name given to that group clothing who wear same cloths working for a cause. Mostly young generation like to wear Fraternity and sorority t-shirts who wants to be unique in the society or they want to work for cause.

These tees are made by a group, which is working for a cause, like students in the colleges make these tees when they are the members of the student council who will put the views of the students in a college in front of the management to solve the issues faced by the student. When you enter a college you try to make friends and enter into a group so you can move along with them through your studies.

As a Fraternity or Sorority member, your focus should be on self-branding to expand your friendship & networking opportunities. Show off your pride, get noticed and expand your friendships and future professional business networking opportunities by letting everyone know who you are and what organization you belong. Weather on the street, walking around campus or at a social event, doesn’t hesitate to show off your Greek affiliations by wearing your group’s letters, group colors, crest or coat of arms.

This is what Fraternity is all about so groups who want to do things for the betterment of the society or want to be recognized in the area where they wish too. Greek trend can be used for this type of event, the group chooses a color and print things like slogans, name of the group, cause for which they are working for, or symbols etc, they print them at the back side of the of the tee shirts or in the fronts, sometimes they also make grunge which are made on the shoulders or sleeves, Or Celebes picture or name.

If you wish too make a group so that people know your group you can surely adapt the Greek style of making a group famous. Select a name of a group or if you a5re working for a cause customize your own group tee shirts. This helps the group in many ways as it can be a way of marketing for a group, easy to be recognized and things that you are doing can be also promoted and creates awareness in the society.

The Author Sabrina J. Smith is freelance writer in local newspaper and magazine covering topics like Greek T-Shirts and Fraternity T-Shirts

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