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The "Million Dollar Baby" that almost was

"Million Dollar Baby" wins best picture. Sweet. But I did lose the office Oscar pool, and lost it by one point. Man, so close, but at least a really great movie won. However, reading an article in the L.A. Times the day after the Oscars, it turns out that "Million Dollar Baby" was almost not so good. The script for "Baby" was kicked around the Hollywood system for years and years, as often happens. Before Hillary Swank was brought on, one of the actresses considered for her role was, believe it or not, Sandra Bullock.

Wow, that would have made it a different movie entirely. Even if you like Sandra Bullock, there's no way in a million years she would ever have been right for the role. But that's not even the worst idea they had for casting this movie. That honor would have to go the idea of giving Clint Eastwood's role to... wait for it... Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

The Governator.

Kindergarten Cop.

I can't get the image out of my head of the trainwreck this Schwarzeneggar/Bullock fiasco this movie almost was. Just horrifying. It probably a lot more unintentionally funny though. Thank you, Clint, for rescuing a good script from people that really shouldn't be trusted with good scripts.

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