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Congrats, Clint

So, not only did Clint Eastwood win the Oscar for Best Director, "Million Dollar Baby" won best picture. Being a big fan of the movie, I'm really happy for him. I never did get around to seeing "The Aviator", but the number of nominations made it the favorite, so this is kind of a surprising win.

But wouldn't you know it, there is a selfish downside for me for this win. I had "The Aviator" for Best Picture in the office Oscar pool. And I figured this one was a lock. Whatev. Getting one wrong wouldn't kill me except that I blindly followed Entertainment Weekly's advice for a lot of the smaller awards, and for a lot of them, they weren't even close. I mean, not even their second place picks won. How hard is it to correctly call the sound categories? Way off on both of them, and one of them only had three choices. And they totally called Best Song wrong, not even close on Documentary Short Subject... Come on, guys, I have money riding on this. Five bucks, but money nonetheless. Also, I completely miscalled Editing, because I really, really liked "Collateral".

Anyhow I'm 16 for 24, not too bad, but I don't think I'm gonna break my streak of never winning this thing.

Also, my secret theory that reclusive screenwriter Charlie Kauffman is actually the alter ego of Spike Jonze is pretty much totally blown now that he's won and accepted in person. Which is a shame, because that's totally something Spike Jonze would do.

[update: I almost forgot, "Ryan", which won for Best Animated Short, is available to available to view online from the Canadian Film Board. It's an excellent and somewhat disturbing piece of animation, you should definitely check it out.]

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