“A casual relationship with reality”

Sorry for the misunderstanding

OK, so tonight I was out playing pool with Jason, Dylan and Dylan's very nice girldfriend Rosa. And a couple of tables over was this girl with this guy, and I swear to God she looked very familiar. But not the familiar where I think I actually know her (although it very well could be, I have a horrible memory for faces) but rather the sort of familiar like I've seen her on TV. So all night I'm mildly obsessed with where have I seen here before. I pretty much convinced myself that she was on some WB sitcom I don't watch or something along those lines.

So, as we're settling up the bill, I ask our waitress "see that girl over there? She looks so familiar, have I seen her before?"

And she says, "she's from Sacramento, she's my sister-in-law. That guy is my brother."

Oh, great. Boy do I feel like an asshole. Look, I wasn't trying to hit on your brother's wife. She genuinely looked familiar to me. Trust me, it wasn't an attraction thing, I'm not trying to break up a little happy marriage or anything. If anything, the girl I was interested in is Sarah, the hot waitress whose section we weren't in tonight (and that's quite the bummer). So, sorry for the confusion, I'm not trying to be Mark the homewrecker or anything. It was a genuinely innocent question.

On the upside, my pool skills, which should really be improving by now, were actually pretty good for a twenty minute period. But two Newcastle's later and I'm back to my old normal self.

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