Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from ThinkGeek

Why lug around an axe, cables and amplifier when you can wear everything you need on your chest? This shirt features a touch-sensitive guitar fret you can re…
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24 Responses to “Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from ThinkGeek”

  1. Unboxcardiac says:

    Thunderbird bass nice

  2. Lizard6376 says:

    Bass Guitar next pls.

  3. eni turkeshi imagery says:

    what is the size of the t-shirt? i couldn`t see it anywhere.can you just
    send it to the place i want it to go if i write the address during
    purchase? please kindly let me know.

  4. Ball Is Life says:

    Do they make these in kids sizes?

  5. SorinMarkov1100 says:

    I have an opportunity to win this shirt, should i take this or the 5 lb
    gummy BEAR?

  6. NOOOO!!! TIMMY!!!!!!

  7. choco tsang says:

    oh~ poor monkey xD

  8. DarthFenuchiDK says:


  9. demetermaid says:

    Okay, so who else thinks they missed the opportunity to cover the Divinyls?

  10. @MrDaAsif Yea, I think so

  11. abonandomierda says:

    @awesomecaz It’s always “I love rock n’ roll”

  12. Hey, let’s take pictures with flash DURING the recording of the video,
    that’s an awesome idea, right?

  13. Marcipious Slah says:

    @LuminescentWolf — i was about to buy that when dang i read what you said
    and i thought….oh heck yeah he’s right!!!

  14. MaddieISFearless says:

    I got this shirt for christmas! And I LOOOOOVE IT! THINK GEEK RULES! I have
    lots of things fom think geek.com And i will continue to get more!:))

  15. rockerseven says:

    I MUST HAVE!!!!

  16. cody carpenter says:

    @hentajus okay good (: haah i play bass aswell i just thought you were
    cause not that much people appreciate the bass. like once i saw this
    posting of this band giving away a free bass and everyone was saying “why
    not a guitar, a bass is useless” and it made me mad haah

  17. yeah uhu its not real

  18. awesomecaz says:

    what song/riff is that at the start?

  19. some monkeys were killed in the making of this video

  20. TellMeAmerica says:

    They definitely need to make a bass shirt. This would be awesome for three
    people to just walk down the street and play a song with.

  21. sidney mousseau says:

    Rock Guitar Shirts: Where touching yourself becomes acceptable.

  22. TheGothicbear says:

    Weird. Asian guy, -.- BTW. I’m asian.

  23. nomogorcio says:

    These shirts suck wow…

  24. where did they get the monkeys

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