Dresslink Haul – Graphic Tees!

Skull shorts: http://www.dresslink.com/fashion-womens-summer-high-quality-denim-shorts-slim-jeans-short-pants-p-11939.html All the t-shirt designs are on thi…
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DIY| Graphic Tees (Using Acrylic Paint)

you love graphics as much as me but dont want to pay so much for a shirt or maybe you just want to be orginal . well ‘ this DIY is perfect for you ! make 2 g…

7 Responses to “Dresslink Haul – Graphic Tees!”

  1. Enigma Sky says:

    Hi, On their site they tell you that you have to cut the button hole
    yourself. Simple fix. They’re so cute I love them! May I ask how did they
    fit? I have wide hips so I haven’t tried purchasing shorts from them yet. 

  2. Carla Safie says:

    You just have to open the button hole and that’s all… it’s not like it
    was damaged or something… easy to fix

  3. Kinsey Vess says:

    The button holes are sewn shut on all asian pants because it prevents
    stealing in stores.

  4. mymechanicalbride says:

    I’ve seen on a lot of hauls from these types of sites that the button holes
    on jeans aren’t opened. I think you just have to cut it open yourself. Kind
    of weird, but I’ve seen it in multiple Dresslink hauls. D:

  5. RubySOHOxx says:

    Now I’m on the website trying to buy a bunch of stuff! I blame you! Haha 🙂
    good haul!

  6. Lynn Johners says:

    I don’t like how it’s in black and white….

  7. Alina idk says:

    Does the paint wash out when you know you wash it? 

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