DIY Clothes! 5 DIY T Shirt Projects – Cool!

DIY clothes tutorial with 5 easy DIY T shirts! In this DIY clothes tutorial I show 5 DIY Projects on how to transform plain t shirt into beautiful DIY shirt …
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  1. SaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art Designs, DIY, Fashion & Makeup Tutorial says:

    In this DIY clothes episode I show 5 awesome ways to recycle your old T
    shirts. We will go through 5 different cutting ideas and designs, which you
    can use and pair together to revamp any of your old tops. Let me know which
    of these fashionable T-shirt styles is your favorite? Love you! <3

  2. SaraBeautyCorner - Nails and Nail Art Designs, DIY, Fashion & Makeup Tutorial says:

    In this Fashion DIY I show 5 ways to recycle (revamp) your old T-shirts
    into fashionable pieces of clothing. You will learn how to make a spiral
    dyed fringed T Shirt, muscle T, American flag shirt, halter top and knotted
    smiley shirt. Enjoy 🙂

    DIY Clothes! 5 DIY T Shirt Projects. Cool!

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  3. Great video!!!! I like all of them!!! I am new at your channel!!! I am from
    Greece so I will maybe do some mistakes!!! 🙂 you are amazing and I like
    your videos a lot!!! I like DIY!!!! 

  4. Madeleine Falk says:

    We are neighbor country’s, I live in Denmark! Cool.

  5. fabric paint is washable? then damn, thats one useless paint then…

  6. AFantasySim says:

    No offense but the smiley face looks kinda creepy 

  7. KittenAndMittens says:

    can you wash the American flag one?

  8. Marianina C says:

    Two questions:
    1)Do you think that if I wear your american flag t-shirt with your american
    flag shorts,it will match????
    2)Which program do you use to edit???

  9. WaywardPash says:

    I love all the shirts you’ve made, but I think my two favourites would be
    the distressed American flag shirt and the halter top decorated with fabric
    markers 🙂 Thanks for making these videos – your DIY projects rock.

  10. stamatia kov says:

    I would like to see a DIY room decor video or a DIY phone cases one. (I
    know that you have already do one,but I would like to see more:)

  11. HeyItsMeGabriella says:

    Omg Sara you’re so creative and talented and these shirts are soo cutee!!!
    I love them all. I actually watched the whole video without skipping any
    parts which I barely do. Great job! I’m looking forward to seeing more of
    your videos!!!! ♥ 

  12. xo Felicia Paige says:

    I love your personality! So fun 🙂 you are also the editing queen!

  13. Minea Hannuksela says:

    Hälsningar från Finland! Kjempe bra!!!

  14. this may sound weird but where do you live it looks beautiful 

  15. Naomie Mredha says:

    I love the spiral one and waiting a lot for your next DIY t shirts. And one
    more thing all five t shirts are tooooooo goooood. I love them

  16. Isabelle Casha says:

    You are soooooooo talented

  17. Sophie with an E says:

    You should do hoodies

  18. Only 3,000 something subscribers?!? You deserve 3,000,000,000!!! I love
    your videos! Especially nail art. Can you do some fall nail art please?

  19. Antonia Bignoux says:

    will the fabric paint wash off

  20. Shasya Muhir says:

    Already buy fabric dye, I will make tie dye tomorrow , I guess? Btw nice
    video! Really love it ! I will follow your tutorial! C:

  21. Yunne Cindy says:

    Pričaš li ti Slovenski?

  22. Is that pewdiepies girlfriend 

  23. kristina Campbell says:

    Can someone tell me how to get the orange tape and the design from plzzzz

  24. Nina Hrdssons says:

    heey. where do u live? or where are u from? lovee your video♥xoxx

  25. I just ruined 3 shirts trying to do this without the help of a tutorial

  26. Amanda Neyman says:

    I would have liked to see it on. I just did a cut very similar to this
    today! My straps are a bit thicker and I used the sleeves (cut into
    stripes) to tie bows down the back for a less open back.

  27. Gloria Ross says:

    Hey guy i need your appreciation. Please have a look on these tshirts. If
    you like you can buy. These are very cheap in price but good in quality.

  28. -.-

  29. Adrien Padovani says:


  30. Childofthenight2013 says:

    I just made a 3 sizes too big band shirt, into the perfect concert tank!!!
    Consider me subscribed, @glintzy !!

  31. Lovely Lilac says:

    i went to a second hand store and bought like 20 shirts for like 20$ washed
    them up and cut the shit outta all of them.. didnt need to spend 40$ on 1
    fucking shirt you dumbshit

  32. XD

  33. Dumb asss

  34. oh wow, imsorry

  35. sasha pack says:

    Sweet, thnx for the tutorial. Mine turned out cute

  36. priscilla saucedo says:

    Do you still have that dog? Because we had a dong that looked exactly like
    your dog for quite sometime now.

  37. I don’t see what’s so wrong about a $40 shirt? I live in Norway (a really
    fucking expencive country), and that is a normal prize for a shirt…

  38. Angelique Farina says:

    1:36 hi doggie!

  39. XxPhantomhivexX says:

    “Cock stars Only”…

  40. Jazzy xxx Woods says:

    Nice dog x

  41. Chyna Mahogany says:

    Nice scissors

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