Crazy Tees at One Stop Shop in India

My photo of a Jaguar E-Type from Flickr being used on Gap clothing designs
graphic tees
Image by Chris Devers
I’m sure that The Gap has a totally awesome explanation for why this photo of mine, published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) license, is apparently being used on the Grey Pumice versions of the "Thermal body double" onesie (SKU #785589) and the 2-in-1 moto one-piece (SKU #785593) at

The two images are clearly related to each other.

I eagerly await the Gap’s response.

I have various thoughts about what’s going on here — for example, the mind-boggling idea that some unknown factory in southeast Asia somewhere is cranking out thousands of .95 tshirts with my photo on them on behalf of the Gap, and yet they never attempted to contact me about their use of my work — but I’m trying to keep most of my thoughts to myself until Gap has a chance to respond.

This has come up, after all, on a Sunday afternoon, and I doubt the people there I tried to contact about this will find out until Monday morning. So I’ll give them a day or so to formulate a response and get things moving to get this rectified.

That said, I appreciate all the Tweets & Re-Tweets, the articles in Jezebel & others, the mentions in local media, the Facebook comments, etc. Keep ’em coming, by all means.

But I’m going to try to mostly hold my tongue & give them a fair chance to respond before I write much more.

Your turn, Gap.

• • •

Addendum: By "your turn, Gap", I wasn’t expecting anything like this.

• • •

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Laughing Squid, and a whole bunch of other Tumblr users.
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Panophoto | Gap utilise des images Flickr sans s’acquitter des droits (French forum; English translation: "Gap uses Flickr images without paying duties")

Thank you all.

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