Best Graphic Tees Week at Design By Humans Check out the best graphic tees of the spring from Design By Humans. Show us what you do in your Design By Humans shirt? Yo-Yos, playing music, cruising on the …
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2 Responses to “Best Graphic Tees Week at Design By Humans”

  1. Wesley Shaw says:

    I recently submitted an application to become an artist for this site. I
    work on my school’s website and create the graphics for the homepage my online portfolio included a few of the graphics
    that I have made myself. Nothing that was intended to be placed on a tee
    shirt only sample material… I was sent a noreply email indicating that
    none of my graphics were transferrable to a tee shirt. I do not understand
    why the graphics were judged as to how they would look on a shirt istead of
    judging my style and different uses of font faces and custom made logos
    from scratch. Thank you for your time.

  2. edwin mendoza says:

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