BeautyBaby44’s How To Wear Graphic Tees Like The Jenners! #OOTD Ep. 91

Graphic tees are a really fun way to express yourself and still be trendy! So, today, Lindsey is going to show you how she likes to rock the graphic tee trend. Instagram us a pic of your OOTD…

17 Responses to “BeautyBaby44’s How To Wear Graphic Tees Like The Jenners! #OOTD Ep. 91”

  1. Maria Dares says:

    Oh my gosh that was my OOTD at the end! Wow I’m honored! Eeee! 

  2. Jess Grant says:

    I loved this outfit! It’s cute, casual and wearable! xx

  3. Jenné Lexus says:

    People who dislike this obviously have NO style! Jk but Lindsey looks gorg!

  4. Ellie Shay says:

    All the nasty comments make me feel sick. Do you realize how Lindsey must
    feel when she reads those? Think about that before you write such mean
    things that won’t make you feel any better!

  5. ladyboo01 says:

    She has a beautiful body and I love the outfit

  6. ritudee2011 says:

    Omg! I wish I had her body..its beautiful! 

  7. Kylie Bryant says:

    If people really have to take the time out of their life to comment so
    hateful on a video they were NOT even forced to watch, do you realize how
    much it says about you and your personality? No normal person would do
    that. Either you are jealous, or you really have no life at all. Lindsey
    has never looked bad. It’s her style, not yours. You can change it up, or
    simply not watch the videos. If you don’t have anything nice to say, do not
    say anything at all. ♥

  8. lovemakeup1229 says:

    Another great look Lindsey, looking good girl!!!!

  9. D.W. Read says:

    What… why would you pair those shoes with that outfit. Not every outfit
    needs knee high socks. Also, pretty sure the Jenners wouldn’t wear that
    outfit lol.

  10. Chanel J says:

    omg so cute you look so pretty!!(:

  11. Kamile ruzenskaite says:

    She looks awful

  12. Roxanne V.-M. says:

    Soo cute!

  13. Grace Lutz says:

    love this look

  14. Bobby B says:

    I love your hair

  15. Jailynn Britt says:

    super duper cute!

  16. name lol says:

    Omg she looks beautiful wa

  17. Paula Almond says:

    Lindsey…you’re awesome and doing a great job! 

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