Barbour International And Its Unique Clothing Collections

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Barbour International is an authentic and reputed British brand offering different kinds of clothes for people who love anything country. A Barbour wardrobe generally includes coats, jackets, shirts, trousers, knitwear, shirts, socks, mid-layers and underwear. To be more specific Barbour International offers four unique collections of clothing to its potential customers all over the world which include:

• Modern day collection—The collection includes outerwear such as scarves, knitwear, shirts and functional outfits for winters and autumns.

• Heritage fashion—Barbour manufactures clothes that are traditional yet very stylish and modern.

• Classic collection—The styles and cuts in this collection are unique and are very much loved by fashion conscious men. The garments in Barbour’s classic collection include quilted Liddesdale jacket, waxed Bedale jacket and others. The jackets are manufactured using modern fabrics so that they are lightweight, breathable, waterproof and durable.

• Sports collection—Barbour manufacturers high quality and most durable clothes to provide you the best set up garments worn during outdoor activities.

The garments manufactured by Barbour are of very high quality and provide high level of comfort to the wearer. They are also very stylish and durable. They have about 100 years of experience in this garments manufacturing industry. If you buy Barbour jackets or any other clothing products from Barbour you can remain rest assured that you will be offered with some of the finest quality outfits for country as well as casual lifestyle.

This company was John Barbour’s brainchild. He was the first one to have started out as a dealer in the clothing industry in the year 1870. J Barbour and Sons was the name of the company initially which was later renamed as Barbour’s.

The company initially sold painter jackets, outwear and boiler suits to their potential customers. Their clothing products were in high demand in the shipping and marine industry. The sailors, shipyard and dockworkers were their potential customers. They used to buy coats in bulk from J Barbour and Sons. For first few decades after its establishment, the company strived rather very successfully.

However in the twentieth century, the business was taken over by Jack and Malcolm. Duncan Barbour (a motorcyclist), only son of Malcolm, introduced the Barbour International jackets in the year 1930 to the motorcycle enthusiasts and since then the Barbour suits have become one of the staple over clothes to be used outdoors for the motorcycle fanciers. The outerwear was even worn by British International Team for about forty long years from 1930s to 1970s.

All through the decades, Barbour kept on expanding its line of clothing with latest and stylish collections to step into the world market. Today Barbour International has its retail stores all over the world—eleven retail stores in UK, forty on USA, Japan, Argentina, New Zealand and European countries which include Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Spain. The company is headquartered in South Shields.

The Barbour International clothing company has been in this clothing industry for about many years. If you want to get a quality as well as comfortable Barbour jacket or shirt or any other item of clothing from this brand, log on to

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