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Image by wanderflechten
boardwalk over saltmarsh, Stewart BC

Until recently I had thought Thelomma occidentale to be relatively uncommon. CNALH has records from 11 locations from central California to the Queen Charlotte Islands, mostly on fences but including a telephone pole, and Curtis Bjork has a photo of it on a picnic table at Redondo Beach Park – I had encountered it on a fence at Mercer Slough in Bellevue, WA, twice on decorticate Ponderosa Pine east side Cascades and then on driftwood near Stanwood. Then came across it twice in the space of a month on picnic tables on Fidalgo and Lopez islands. Picnic tables would seem to be a rather rough place for lichens. Does T. occidentale like the nutrients spilled on picnic tables, and is it dispersed on people’s shirt sleeves?

I encountered T. occidentale twice more – 1st on a boardwalk over a salt marsh in Stewart BC, and then on big old timbers of the boat repair grid (tidal dry dock) in Haines AK. It seems a good example of noticing things which previously went unnoticed until they 1st came to our attention.

More recently on 2 picnic tables at Ft Flagler, WA. And just (March 2014) found it on picnic table at Deception Pass State Park. (Not really making an effort to search out picnic tables. Just notice on those I happen to go past.)

Additional – May 2014 fence at Wildhorse Wind Farm; July 2014 Lopez Island on wooden sign and on wooden platform railing (which people lean on) over beach.

As there are relatively few specimens of T. occidentale in herbaria I’m wondering if if its abundance and distribution is obvious to "serious" lichenologists who don’t see much need to collect more specimens, or if it is somehow "under the radar".

(Need to check further and examine my specimens as the Sonoran book says "Contrary to Herre (1910), the thallus of Thelomma occidentale is best described as effuse, without marginal lobation". As you can see in some photos what I assume is T. occidentale certainly has lobate margins.

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